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Click here for more info about this Strathwood Ritta All-Weather Wicker Bistro SetEase of Use: This folding wicker set is great for outdoor use. It is easy to set up, take down, and to take from one place to another.
Packed Well: For shipping, it is packed very well, with cardboard between the pieces and foam packing around the legs of the furniture so it arrives without damage. Easy to Set Up: There is no assembly involved to set it up (just unfold the table and the chairs). Durability, Style: This set is durable and the style of it is classic enough for continued use through various style trends over the years. There is some elegance to the classic style of it, with the curvy lines of the frame. Comfort: The seats are comfortable to sit in. Color: The aluminum legs have a dark gray powder coating and the wicker is a dark brown color. These colors go well with many other colors to fit right in with surrounding decor. Size: This set includes a 28-inch-tall table with 24-inch-diameter and two chairs measuring 23 inches wide by 18 inches deep by 35 inches tall. More Info

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Outdoor Bistro Sets – Perfect for Small Outdoor Patios

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Dec 092011

Outdoor Bistro Sets – Perfect for Small Outdoor Patios
By Paige Adams

If you are looking for outdoor furniture but the area you want to furnish is quite small, such as a balcony, porch or small patio, an outdoor bistro set is the perfect solution. These sets consist of a small outdoor table and chairs making the entire set quite small in size. This is a very handy solution to furnishing a small outdoor space. Adding furniture to your outdoor space, no matter how little space you have, will encourage the area to be used a lot more. Your patio or balcony will be more inviting with an attractive and comfortable bistro set ready and available for use. As it is a 3-piece set they are designed for use by one or two people, making a cozy and intimate getaway. This can be all someone needs to enjoy their outdoor space. Those without much room can use the one set for dining, drinks, resting, reading and more. This type of set also comes in folding models, allowing you to save space when it is not in use, if this is something you are after.

Outdoor bistro sets have quite a variety of uses. They can be used for light meals, snacks and even dinners. Have a quaint and cozy dinner for two on your patio with a stylish bistro patio set to keep you comfortable. They also make a nice place to have cold drinks, cocktails as well as hot cups of coffee and tea. This casual dining alfresco is where the idea of having outdoor bistro sets for your home came into play, inspired by European outdoor cafe’s.

An outdoor bistro set can also be used as a cozy spot to read the paper, a book or a magazine and one can even pop their laptop up on the table to catch up on some work whilst enjoying being outside. These small 3-piece sets can be used as a rest spot in your garden to have a sit in for a few minutes, or as a place to rest after doing some gardening. They can also be used strictly for decoration purposes to beautify that empty outdoor spot in your backyard.

It goes without saying that an outdoor bistro set also makes for a very nice and cozy spot to have a quiet chat or get together with a friend. If looking mainly for outdoor socializing with drinks and cocktails a patio bar set may also suit you needs. Sometimes also referred to as a bistro or bar set, a patio bar set is often very similar to a bistro set except it is of bar height. This makes it ideal in a stylish outdoor bar setting.

Outdoor bistro sets are available in a variety of materials including cast aluminum, iron, steel, resin wicker and wood. It is very important when shopping for any outdoor furniture to make sure it is suitable for outdoor use. Bistro furniture sets can also come in indoor varieties so be careful to pick an outdoor model which will last a long time even when exposed to the elements.

Outdoor bistro sets are perfect for small outdoor spaces and make a cozy place to dine or have a drink. A nice little bonus is they are also extremely affordable. So if you are looking to furnish your patio at a low-cost, you can’t go wrong with an affordable bistro patio set.

Furnish your patio today with a cozy outdoor bistro set. Click here to find high quality outdoor bistro sets which are also very affordable.

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Julienne Blanching and Brunoise For French Cooking Beginners

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Dec 092011

French Food For Beginners – A Few Simple French Cooking Techniques

Author: Justin Arnold

There’s little doubt that French food brings to mind fantastic dishes, wonderful aromas, divine tastes and a first class presentation. But many people don’t really know how to go about preparing French food at home, or at least applying French cooking methods to help take a familiar recipe and transform it into something a bit special.

There are two specific factors to consider when thinking about cooking and preparing French dishes: the first is the ingredients, and the second is the cooking techniques. In the first instant the ingredients do need to be good quality. This doesn’t necessarily mean spending a fortune on gourmet ingredients, but it does mean breaking away from your traditional, routine and habitual shopping choices and looking at the ingredients used by many well know French cooks. For example, goose fat rather than your normal fat for roast potatoes or vegetables will be a real treat, yet costs very little more.

As far as the second factor is concerned, French food is often prepared using a combination of French cooking techniques. You don’t have to worry about knowing and applying all of these. The best way to learn French cuisine is to learn one or two techniques at a time, until you’re familiar and happy with them. Then add another technique into the mix, and keep adding techniques until you feel confident with mixing them up and applying them in your own way. This is the very heart of French cooking, and to help you on your way here are three simple techniques which are very traditional as far as French food preparation is concerned.


This is a French method used to prepare vegetables. The purpose of blanching is to brighten the colour of the vegetables, and to make sure that the colour is fixed. Often when vegetables are cooked they can lose quite a bit of colour. Blanching helps to significantly improve the appearance of the vegetables. The same technique can be used for some fruits too. To blanch vegetables all you need to do is to bring a pan of water to a full boil. Once the water is fully boiling place the vegetables into the water and leave for between 30 seconds and 2 minutes depending on the size of the vegetables. Once you lift them out it is then important to immediately rinse them in cold water.


This looks so much more complicated than it really is, but as well as looking beautifully delicate and very appealing it also helps to reduce cooking time, and enables food to be cooked quicker, and retain more of the flavour, colour and goodness. To brunoise vegetables such as a carrot it is necessary firstly to trim the edges so that you turn it from a rounded vegetables into a square or rectangular one. Next slice the carrot length wise into thin strips around 1/8 of an inch thick. Next turn these thin slices over so that they form a stacked heap, and cut lengthwise again the same way. Finally cut from the end of the strips to create small, neat cubes around 1/8 square. It doesn’t take long, although it does help to have a good vegetable knife of course.


Once you know how to prepare brunoised vegetables it becomes clear how to easily create neat julienne vegetables. These are the long, slim, matchstick vegetables often served with French dishes. Simply begin the same process as with the brunoised vegetables, cutting away the edges to create a square sided vegetable, then slicing lengthwise, 1/8 inch apart, turning the vegetable on its side so that the slices are stacked up and cutting lengthwise again. It looks very fancy, and just by changing the way food looks you can have a surprising effect on the way people feel about it, and their ultimate enjoyment. These are just a few simple techniques you can try with almost any recipe. French food doesn’t have to be hard – and you don’t even need to speak French!

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If you’re interested in where to buy French food at affordable prices visit The Good Food Network, where you can have French food delivered direct to your door.

Prima Bistro

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Jul 102011

Located above the Star Store, the Prima combines French Bistro cooking with Chef Sieb’s own Northwest flare. The food pairs beautifully with the quality wines served there. In the summer deck dining is a must.

Business Spotlight: Pasta Pane offers rustic Italian cuisine, charm (with video )

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Jul 102011

Business Spotlight: Pasta Pane offers rustic Italian cuisine, charm (with video )
Lauren Carpenter CLIFTON PARK — Owners David and Roslyn Zecchini have created their own trifecta of sorts with a string of successful restaurants in southern Saratoga County.

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Landscape cheaply the area around pool? Any ideas?

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Jul 062011

We have an in ground pool to the top of a small rise. It is in a flat area, With A crappy wire and fence post around it. Very shabby (not chic) ??looking. The surrounding area inside the fence, outside the pool is dug up of all Currently it’s grass. Just made a mess When mowed. We have one small area / corner Which We Added some decking Where We place our bistro table and chairs. The rest of the area on two sides Which is about 2 ‘wide, and the third side Which is 3’ wide is blah. We have a shabby chic / recycle type around the yard decor, pool house and house. We are on a very tight budget so re-purposing and recycling works best for us. I need help with Ideas to Make this area look interesting. I Had an Idea of ??small squares Perhaps some sort of edged with timbers and Then with plants in the area Them spaced around here and there (I can transplant plants from my garden Some to fill THES). I do not know what we Could do With The areas in between though. We do not want to use mulch, or due to too much rock to keep the cost Trying down. I Thought maybe something with old pallets? This is not an area we walk in Either, it is Purely for show. I can not find any pics for Ideas on line. I am open to all suggestions and nothing too outlandish Will Sound for me. We live in the northeast area is Greatly So This Used During The months of May-September. Then the brutal weather sets in.