May 112011

Ok, so I am a 14 year old cooking That has beeb Since 13, so only about a year of experience under my belt. I Was an apprentice at an upscale French bistro for 8 months. I work as the pantry cook for the summer. The restaurant is really slow DURING the summer, Because of the old older clientele. I only work lunch, and the MOST we ever HAD WAS 65 lunches. it was my first job on the line, so I got really nervous. No Matter How Many People, Even If There Were Only a couple of tickets, Would I get nervous. I Was Also pretty slow, pero Progressed as I jump up on the summer. After the summer, i couldnt There Have a job b / ci only work lunch, But Then i was in school. Now, I am working at an upscale catering place. There Are 3 chefs teaching me and paying me! I Have Been Practicing my knife skills, basic cooking skills, and just Trying to get more experience Before I get back on the line. So Was I just nervous b / c i was new to the line? or am i just Not Meant for the job?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Also, i REALLY want to be a chef. i realize how hard the career is, But I am motivated and my dream isn’t to Be on the tv, thats Not Being a chef, i want to own a great restaurant w / quality food That locals will love. Does anyone have any tips for staying calm on the line? you experienced chefs do get nervous? Any tips? Thank you all so much.