Jun 042011

I am HAVING These troubles with word equation. Could someone show me how to solve thisQ: Jennas Bistro At the server Earns $ 90 / d and the cook Earns $ 140 / d, of all the tips Collected the server gets. 75% and the cook gets. 25%. How Much Would Have To Be receieved in tips for the server and the cook to earn the Same Amount for one day’s work. The equations i got is: let y representa Amount earned in 1 Daylet x reprentaciones Amount of tipsserver: and =. +90 75x cook, and =. 25x +140 eat the problem when i solve the eqaution by putting one Into The Other

Jun 022011

Another movie in the 30 to September 40’s I think. Either Set in New York or similar. Similar style of Dean Martin movie as a movie – Love story, comedy, light hearted. I can remember a lady with a Large White coat, I think the main male character is very rich and drives past and gets her coat Covered with water and muck. Also I can remember her Being in a type of bistro But all the food is in a old fashion type of Vending Machine WHERE fills the shop windows with small food and the customers open the little window and take the meal They Want. The guy works in one of the buildings close by and I think He Sends His friend or someone from historical work down to the lady to ask if I Can Have Cleaned the coat for her. She isn’t very impressed. It all ends happily with Them getting together.